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Why choose HUBO Automation?

HUBO Automation S.r.l.,

has always focused the attention to the market needs and to the technological evolution and this allowed to establish itself as leader for the industrial and painting automation. Thanks to the experience of the technical staff and to the continuous investment in new technologies, the Company is able to satisfy dynamically the requests in the most various productive ranges.

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From simple equipment and test machines up to complex equipment as automatic lines with anthropomorphic robots and vision systems, HUBO Automation srl is able to design and manufacture suitable machines for the most different customers’ requirements. Over these years, the Company has operated in the medical, automotive, urban, mechanic, painting sectors, and much more. In other words, contact us and we will guarantee an answer to every question.


The painting division certainly represents the core business of the Company HUBO Automation srl. The wide range of standard solutions is able to fully satisfy the normal needs of automatic paintings; furthermore, the combination of special systems can cover the particular requests and can guarantee a flexible and reliable painting system from all points of view. Detecting systems, painting economizers as well as translators, positioners and toeing systems are playing a leading role in the last years.